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We are the lucky owners since May 2017.

We will continue to develop this building with as much care and professionalism as our predecessors.

We have already developed the old Imperial-Tobacco in Granby with pleasure and rigor, retaining the character that characterizes this vast industrial building and this, while giving it a distinctive look.

We will develop this project of rental lofts with the intimate conviction that people like you, wants to work in a lofts, to take advantage of these undeniable advantages and its unique and unconventional lifestyle.

For us, renting a loft is more than just a rental. It is inherently, adhering to a distinctive lifestyle, opening onto an unparalleled work space.

It is to share a space where hundreds of workers worked, to appropriate these old bricks, undeniable witnesses of the past, to rub shoulders with these immense beams solidly implanted, key to vaults of this arrangement impossible to realize now.

We look forward to welcoming you in our project.

Pierre Laflamme,

David Vongprachanh,

Office space: 110 Rivière Street, Bedford, Quebec J0J 1A0