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The town of Bedford, the Brome-Missisquoi MRC and the local development center welcome you within an hour of Montreal in a picturesque site full of history to allow your company to continue its growth. A building tailored to your needs and a proven bilingual workforce will provide you with the tools you need to meet your production goals. Bedford-lofts is all the strength of a region at your service!

We offer you all the advantages you are looking for to establish your business on a solid and lasting basis.

Moving to Bedford means securing the support of the entire community through its skilled workforce and the cooperation of regional services. In addition, the region has a training center tailored to your recruitment and training needs. Nothing beats a meeting on site to see the possibilities that are available to you.


Here is a list of the main economic players in the region:


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The population of Bedford is predominantly bilingual;
The city is an area of 4.57 square kilometers;
The city is only one hour from Montréal (75 km.)
45 km separates it from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu;
Bedford is located 16 km from the US border;
The city is at the crossroads of Highways 202 and 235, which provide access to the municipalities of Cowansville and Farnham;
Bedford is located near Highways 10 and 35.


Why rent a space here?



Whether you are looking for a commercial space or office for rent, Bedford-lofts offers you a myriad of possibilities!

Unbeatable prices, inspiring spaces, we have several areas that meet business needs ranging from the factory, to the collaborative area (such as service centers and call centers), industrial lofts, artisan's premises And office space. We are able to welcome any company and above all, to adapt to your future growth phases.

You will find the advantages of the city and the countryside. Less than an hour from Montreal, you will find much lower rental space than the market.

In Bedford's enchanting setting, on the banks of the Pike River, in the heart of the Eastern Townships tourist region, your future business location is here!

Bedford why not!


Bedford offers a quality of life worthy of the countryside, while enjoying the benefits of the city.

The deep attachment of the inhabitants to their city makes it so welcoming. Bedford is perfect for new families and young professionals. It offers a pleasant, dynamic environment and has several employment opportunities, especially in the industrial sector.

A real hub between Canada and the United States, you will find a wide range of shops, good restaurants, terraces, a welcoming downtown and a public square.

Community life is very active and dynamic. The town also has an Anglophone primary school. There is also a sports-study program in horseback riding. In addition, the price of the residences is extremely affordable ... No need to ruin for housing!

Ideal location

Divided by Brochets River, the town of Bedford has a prime location. It is located a few steps from the border of the United States and only 75 kilometers south-east of Montreal. It has a privileged geographical position, especially at the industrial level. It is located at the crossroads of two provincial roads and at the American border.

Diversified Economy

In the Bedford region, agriculture is the driving force behind economic development. It is positioned as a pole of agronomic services in the field of food processing. The region is rich in dairy farms and pig farms. There are many large-scale farms and industrial cultivation.

The industrial sector is also very developed. The Bedford area has several major plants. Not to mention that tourism is flourishing, thanks to its heritage aspect and its annual activities.

The Bedford area has many resources that can help you set up your business. These suppliers will also be able to support you on a daily basis.

Nursing Center of Winemaking Companies

In addition, we are located in the heart of the wine route ... A prime location for enjoying this exceptional circuit of pleasure!

The Bedford area is full of good addresses. They definitely deserve the detour.

Café Rouge
32, Principale Street, Bedford
450 248-0007
Pizzeria Bedford
41, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-2880
Capeline et Chocolat
11, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-0881
Restaurant Barry’s
92, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-7019
Fusion d’Asia
65, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-2399
Restaurant L’Interlude
48, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-44491
Le Belvédère Pub Gourmand
86, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-4394
Restaurant La Pataterie
66, Cyr Street, Bedford
450 248-3263
Pizza Joe
19, Principal Street, Bedford
450 248-2000
Restaurant La Sarcelle
7, Rivière Street, Bedford
450 248-4440